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Acacia Blackwood & Maple with Tigereye, 9 3/4 inches.  Available. $40 + shipping.
This is a very dramatic Bocote and Canarywood Wand with Malachite core.  
11 1/4 inches.  $50.  AvailableSorry - sold.  This is a beautiful wand with a very lovely tactile feel.  I love the handle, which is turned from rich Bolivian Rosewood.  The centerband is Tulipwood and the tip is Redheart.  Its core is Quartz Crystal and Silver.  11 1/4".  $60 + shipping.  SOLDMaple & Wenge, with Iolite Core, 8 5/8 inches.  There is a pink "connection" between the two woods that comprise this wand that showed up several days after it was turned.  Hmm...  $40 + shipping.  Available.This wand was turned from Russian Olive and Satinwood, and contains a Gold and Malachite Core.  It iis 9 5/8 inches long.  The Russian Olivewood contains a beautiful combination of heartwood, sapwood and the actual bark of the tree (the darkest spot at the joining of the two woods).  $45+S. Availab
Goncalo Alves (also known as Tigerwood) & Maple with Rose Quartz & Hemetite Core, 9 1/8".  This wand was turned from a very interesting piece of Tigerwood that has a distinctive, clear dark line running between the lighter sapwood and darker heartwood.  $45 + shipping.  Available.This is the other side of the Tigerwood & Maple wand.  $45 + Shipping.  Available.
Sorry - Sold.  This is my longest wand available right now, at 13 1/2".  Despite this, it is surprisingly light in the hand, probably because it is well-balanced.  It was turned from Padauk, Thuya Burl & Macassar Ebony, with Rose Quartz core.  $70 + Shipping.  SOLDThis is a pure Poplar wand, with no core, which makes it very "pure" for simple purposes and young-to-the-craft users.  Very light in the hand, it is a delight to hold. 10 1/4 inches.  $30.  Available.This elegant wand was turned from White Oak, Burmese Blackwood & Bloodwood and has a core of Amethyst & Silver.  It measures 10" in length.  $60 + Shipping.  I may keep it, but until I make that decision, we'll say it's available.This wand is turned from an extraordinary example of Red Oak Burl and Black Walnut and has a Sodalite core.  It measures 11 inches.  The Red Oak Burl looks more like fine Italian marble than wood, giving this wand a rather classic look.  $60.  Sold.
This all-Black Walnut Apprentice Wand is for a user under the age of 11 (the age at which Harry Potter and friends attended their first year at Hogwarts).  Black Walnut is a "safe" wood, based on traditional lore.These wands are turned with blunted tips, shorter length, and stouter bodies. 9".  SoldBubinga, Pink Ivory & Bosse wand with Garnet core.  
11 7/8 inches.
$60 + shippingBlack Walnut & White Oak wand with Amethyst core.  
11 1/8 inches.
$45 + shippingSorry - sold.  Bocote, Spalted Maple & Bosse with Turquoise core.Another view of the previous wand - soldAnother view of the previous wand - sold.
Click a thumbnail to open image galleries.  Custom wands may be turned at your request.  No two wands are alike, and we cannot duplicate a particular wand, due to the handcrafted nature of our work, the natural variations in wood, and whether a particular combination or process decides to "cooperate" with us and with each other on any given day!  However, make a request, and we will work up a wand in the materials you request, if possible.  See How to Buy a Wand for more information about how to request a custom wand.
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