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Viktor Krum

We know about Viktor Krum's wand because of the comments Ollivander makes about it during the Wand Weighing ceremony at the start of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.  Ollivander notes that he does not particularly care for the style, typical of another European wandmaker, Gregorivitch.  Ollivander notes that Viktor's wand is rather ridgid, but acceptable.  Following the tournament, we next see Krum's wand at the wedding of Bill and Fleur Weasley, where he takes it out and taps it rather threateningly against his leg, emitting sparks, suggesting that he continues to have difficulty controlling his temper.  This works out well for Harry, as it reminds him of a bit of knowledge he needs, but it does indicate that Viktor still has some work to do to acquire a mature wizard's level of self-control, despite the fact that he is older than Harry and his friends.

Hornbeam with Dragon Heart String, 10 ¼ inches

The wood of Hornbeams is very hard, giving rise to the name iron-wood, and it not used much due to the difficulty of working. Its hardness, however, confers upon the user high pain tolerance and stability.   A Hornbeam wand increases the user’s capacity to tolerate shock and adversity, and enhances the user’s capacity to stand firm.  The user of a Hornbeam wand tends to become somewhat rigid over time, which increases his or her resistance to outside influence, for better or worse.  The wizard who chooses a Hornbeam wand tends to be somewhat closed-minded, yet has the positive characteristic of being able to endure hardship.  Hornbeam is considered a lucky wood.  It’s particularly useful in transfiguration spells.  It is associated with the calendar dates of June 4 – 13.  In Common With: No one.

Dragon heart string builds strength and courage, and is a powerful protection against danger and fear.  It confers energy, bravery and intelligence upon the user.  Dragon Sinew encourages wisdom, particularly in the use of scarce resources.  However, the user is cautioned against miserly and misguided hoarding of treasures, and is encouraged instead to expose their gifts to the light, and use their resources to enrich the lives of those whose friendship and love are greater treasures.  In Common With: Hermione Granger, Bellatrix LeStrange, Lucius Malfoy