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Sample Wand Description

Each wand adopted from my wandcrafting studio comes with a description of its unique properties, based on folk and mystic lore from many traditions.  Below is a sample wand description.  It is the description of my own wand, written before it became mine.  It's the bottom wand in this picture.  (Click thumbnail for a larger view.)

Your wand was turned from Oak, Black Walnut, & Padauk, & is charged with Malachite & Copper.  According to mystic lore, it has the following characteristics:

Oak is an ancient tree of the Druids & one of the Fairy Triad of Oak, Ash & Thorn.  It is the tree of Zeus & Thor the Thunder God.  Oak confers strength, endurance, wisdom, triumph, & power on the user.  Connected strongly to Earth, Oak senses where healing might be needed & channels life energies.  It centers the mind, aiding the user in focusing on the task at hand, while promoting observation & intuition.  Bearers of Oak are guardians & liberators, who steadfastly stand up for truth, & may sacrifice to save others.  It is a fatherly, protective wood, balanced in its energy & promoting justice tempered with mercy.  Oak is considered a true wizard’s wood.

Walnut promotes change & helps the user consider new perspectives, find inspiration, & think creatively & intuitively.  It enhances the user’s good intentions & attracts the good intentions of others.  Walnut blocks interfering emotions & enhances focus on the task at hand.  It blends reason with intuition, helping the user to grow spiritually & heal from within.  Walnut smoothes the path through life’s transitions, helping to transform dreams into reality.  It is introspective, & aids the user in exploring personal energy, helping the user get in touch with self & the Earth.  Walnut is the wood most associated with Elves, & like the Elvin race, is considered timeless & immortal.  Its elements are Air & Fire.

Padauk is a powerful, yet chaotic wood.  It needs a powerful, focused user to wield consistently, as its energy fluctuates randomly.  In the hand of a masterful user, it is a powerfully healing wood.  Because of its tendency toward chaos, Padauk aids in creativity & innovation.  It needs to be balanced by a strong Earth element to ground that creativity in practicality.  Its element is Fire.  Padauk hails from the Gabon region of Africa.

Malachite is a powerful healing stone that works to heal both heart & body. It enhances the user’s capacity for love, & aids in centering & balancing heart & mind. It enhances the user’s ability to nurture all Life. Malachite attracts prosperity & opens the user’s heart to others. It has wonderful healing properties, & a very steady energy. It absorbs negative energy from Spirit & Air, cleansing them, thus balancing the user & protecting them. Malachite increases focus, concentrating both physical & spiritual vision. It helps create a balanced path between base desire & the higher self, removes emotional blockages & inspires ideas that help the user reach beyond their limits to attain higher goals.

Copper heals the mind & body.  It stimulates the flow of energy, helps the user overcome lethargy, & revitalizes.  Thus it aids in helping the user maintain stamina for extended efforts.  Copper aids in communication, cleansing & purification.  It enhances confidence, eases mental burden, & calms emotions, aiding in focus & concentration.  Copper protects against negative energies & poisonous intent.

Taken together, these characteristics increase the potential for good - not only in the user’s life, but also in the magic they create in the lives of others.

Remember: It's not the wand but your choices that matter.  Use it well.