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Rubeus Hagrid's Wand

Hagrid, beloved Keeper of Grounds and keys at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, one of Harry's dearest friends and protectors, and half-giant, is only somewhat hampered by the fact that his wand was broken in two, more than fifty years ago when he was expelled, having been maliciously accused of setting a deadly monster loose in the school.  His wand remnants are clearly "hidden" in the tip of his ever-present pink parasol.  Despite the damage to his wand, he manages to perform adequate, sometimes extremely effective, magic - demonstrating that the magic is in the wizard more than the wand.  This fact is supported by Ollivander, who tells Harry that any competent wizard can perform magic with any wand, though their work will be most effective with a wand that is truly theirs. 

We have limited information about Hagrid's wand beyond this history.  However, what we do know makes it clear that Hagrid and his wand were well-suited to each other... and that, despite his interrupted training, Hagrid is a True Wizard.

Oak with unknown core, 16 inches

Oak is an ancient tree of the Druids and one of the Fairy Triad of Oak, Ash and Thorn.  It is the tree of Zeus and of Thor the Thunder God, and is said to protect against lightning.  Oak is a dominantly male wood, the benevolent king of trees.  It enhances the user’s strength, endurance, and wisdom, and helps the user to triumph.  Connected strongly to Earth, Oak senses where healing might be needed and easily channels natural life energies.  It centers the mind, aiding the user in focusing on the task at hand, while promoting both observation and intuition.  Bearers of Oak are guardians and liberators, who steadfastly stand up for truth, and may sacrifice to save others.  It is a fatherly, protective wood, balanced in its energy and promoting justice tempered with mercy.  Oak is considered a true wizard’s wood.  Its elements are Earth, Water and Spirit.  Calendar dates for Oak are June 10 – July 7.  In Common With: No one.