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Ron Weasley's Wands

Ash with Unicorn Hair, 12 inches – Ron’s Wand #1

Ron’s first wand was Ash with Unicorn Hair, a hand-me-down from his older brother Charlie.  Thus it might not have been truly his, in the sense that, as Ollivander noted, "The wand chooses the wizard..."  Because the wand may not have been truly his, he may have been destined to perform poorly with it, as was certainly true in the earlier books where he not only lacked confidence, but appeared to be a mediocre wizard at best.  Perhaps it was good luck that it was broken in the crash of his dad's flying Ford Anglia against the venerable Whomping Willow, second year.  Nevertheless, it had some characteristics that may have worked for him, in the beginning.  Read this and see if you can see what I mean.

Ash is sacred to Poseidon and Wodon, and represents sea power.  It captures the power of the sea and protects against drowning.  It is the Father of Trees, representing Ygdrasill, the World Tree.  It is one of the Fairy Triad: Oak, Ash and Thorn.  Ash wards off malign influences, protects against unwanted change, and repels and fights off snakes. Guardian spirits residing in Ash absorb negative physical energy, protecting the user from illness.  Thus it is used in healing, purification and cleansing.  Ash attracts lightning, rather than protecting against it.  It reduces inner conflict and strife.  Ash enhances the user’s intelligence, wit, and knowledge, and promotes curiosity, learning and communication.  Its elements are Air, Spirit, and Water.  Calendar dates for Ash are February 18 – March 17.  In Common With:  Cedric Diggory.

Since using a broken wand can be disastrous - although that worked both for and against Ron while he used his broken ash wand - it was fortunate that the Weasleys won that lottery prize the summer before third year.  That allowed Ron to purchase a new wand, one chosen by and choosing him, destined to suit him much better, and with which he would be able to perform much better magic.

Willow with Unicorn Hair, 14 inches – Ron’s Wand #2

Willow is a pioneering wood, first to take root, stabilizing its environment.  Sacred to Hecate, Circe, Hera and Persephone, it is the Tree of Enchantment and is associated with the moon.  It protects against harm and evil intent, and heals.  A very feminine wood, Willow is associated with the cycle of life, promoting love, growth, and fertility.  Because of its stabilizing influence, Willow banishes depression and sorrow and can help the user overcome loss.  Although it strengthens the user’s psychic energy, Willow can be indecisive, so it is best partnered with a person with strong sense of direction and a strong will.  It is a very good wand wood for a strong, unconflicted individual.  Willow is particularly useful in divination and the granting of wishes.  Its elements are Earth and Spirit.  Calendar dates for Willow: April 15 – May 12.  In Common With:  Lily Potter.

Unicorn Hair promotes strength and virtue in the user.  Unicorn Hair fiercely guards the life of the wielder, and brings the bearer good fortune.  It aids in healing and neutralizes poisons.  Unicorn Hair functions androgynously, working equally well for male and female, and balancing those characteristics in the user.  A wand with Unicorn Hair core is best wielded by those who are pure of heart, and its use tends to clarify the user’s moral visionIn Common With: Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggory.