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Apple, Tulipwood & Macassar Ebony with Garnet.  SoldAsh, Kingwood & Padauk with Copper & Malachite.  SoldBloodwood, Maple and Amethyst.  SoldBocote, Osage Orange & Malachite.  SoldBox Elder, Pau Rosa and Rose Quartz.  Sold
Burmese Blackwood, Padauk, Holly and Blue Goldstone.  SoldCherry, Cocobolo & Apple with Amethyst.
 Cocobolo, Ash and Apple with Malachite.  SoldMaple, Cocobolo & She Oak with Sodalite.  Sold
Marblewood & Osage Orange with Amethyst.  SoldBethlehem Olivewood, Ebony & Bloodwood with Sodalite.
14 1/4 inches  $75  SoldBethlehem Olivewood & Kingwood with Amethyst.   AdoptedBethlehem Olivewood, Maple & Bloodwood with Sodalite.  
14 1/4 ".  $75  SoldSpalted Tamarind, Maple & Macassar Ebony with Lapis Lazuli.  13 3/4"  $70 SoldTulipwood & Maple with Rose Quartz.  $65  SoldApprentice Wand of Black Walnut with carved spiral handle.  $30  SoldWalnut & Bocote with Malachite.  SoldOther side of Walnut & Bocote with Malachite wand, showing great variability in Bocote grain pattern.Wenge & Maple with Garnet.  SoldWhite Oak and Padauk with Malachite.  Sold
Below is a gallery of wands that have been recently left our studio, having found their owners.  If something strikes your fancy, email us with a request and we will work up something in similar woods, with similar styling and so on.  But note: because our wands are hand-turned from natural materials, we absolutely cannot duplicate a particular wand... and wouldn't want to, in any case.  (What fun is it to have the same wand as someone else, after all?)  Make a request, we'll work something up, and email you the pictures.  If the wand speaks to you, it must be yours, yes?
Available Wands
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