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Pens and Writing Instruments

Wandcrafters crafts fine writing instruments including click, twist and capped pens, click and twist mechanical pencils, drawing and drafting pencils, dipping pens, and related items.

Use the links at the left to see examples of our work, including available items, and to read about pen making and pen care.
Pen P21

Power click pen in dramatic Black and White Ebony.  Takes a Schaefer refill.

$25 + shipping

Pen P22

This Retro pen is done in Chechen wood.  Takes a smooth writing Parker refill.

$25 + shippingPen P23

Purpleheart Retro pen.  Takes a Parker refill.

$25 + shippingPen P24

This is a Classic American Click pen in beautiful, red-brown spalted maple.  Takes a Parker refill.

$30 + shippingPen P25

Classic American Click pen in Padauk.  Padauk is said to carry a chaotic energy - so get hold of your thoughts before writing!  Parker refill.

$30 + shippingPen P26

Classic American Twist pen in Malee Burl.  Parker refill.

$30 + shippingPen P27

Bowtie pen in Hondural Rosewood.  Beautiful decorative band, very smooth mechanism with an overall nice feel.  Takes a Parker refill.

$35 + shippingPen P28

Toni twist pen in an unusual piece of Bubinga, at the juncture between the heart and sapwood.  Bubinga carries a strong love energy - good for the romantic in you.  Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P29

Toni twist pen in a beautiful piece of Buckeye Burl.  Takes a Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P30

A Toni twist pen in a darker Buckeye Burl than P29.  Dramatic figure in this pen.  Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P31

Wow!  This is a very unusual piece of always-dramatic Cocobolo, this time including a bit of the sapwood, for extra drama.  Toni twist pen, Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P32

Carribbean Rosewood Toni twist pen.  What isn't shown here is the gorgeous grain on the side opposite the clip.  Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P33

Toni twist pen in double-dyed, purple/gold Box Elder.  Carol loves this one.  Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P34

Toni twist pen in Cottonwood burl.  Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P35

Black Palm Toni twist pen.  Pam is in love with palm.  Cross refill.

$25 + shipping

Pen P36

Blackwood Toni twist pen. Don't let the "blackwood" designation fool you - this pen also has subtle brown streaks alternating with the black.   Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P37

Red dyed Box Elder Toni twist pen... very pretty.  Cross refill.

$25 + shippingPen P38

Blackwood Classic American rollerball pen.  Takes Parker rollerball refills.  The cap posts on the bottom while writing.

$35 + shippingPen P38

Here is pen 38 closed.Pen P40

Bullet pen in blackwood, recommended for a hunter or gun collector, maybe?

$35 + shipping
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