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Pens and Writing Instruments

Wandcrafters crafts fine writing instruments including click, twist and capped pens, click and twist mechanical pencils, drawing and drafting pencils, dipping pens, and related items.

Use the links at the left to see examples of our work, including available items, and to read about pen making and pen care.
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P1 Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood) drafting pencil.  $30.  AvailableP2  Drafting pencil made of laminated woods including maple, walnut, and bloodwood.  $30 AvailableP3 Drafting/Artist's pencil in bloodwood.  $30 AvailableP4  Thick-led workshop pencil made of laminated woods including maple, walnut and bloodwood.  $30 AvailableP5 Workshop pencil using thicker led, in tulipwood.  $30  AvailableP6  Smaller drafting/workshop pencil using thinner lead than its big brothers.  Dyed spalted box elder.  $30 AvailableP7 Segmented workshop pencil of walnut, maple and padauk.  Uses thinner lead.  This is actually a great pencil for crossword puzzle books.  $30 available.P8 Another drafting pencil great for puzzle books, in walnut.  $30 availableP9 And here is a great drafting or puzzle pencil in glorious box elder - its natural color.  $30 AvailableP10  Here is a lovely example of a drafting/puzzle book pencil in walnut burl.  $30P11  This one iis a laminated (maple, walnut and bloodwood) example of a drafting/artist/puzzle book pencil using a thinner lead than either P2 or P4.  $30 Available