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Lucius Malfoy's Wand

Lucius Malfoy, obsessed with his "pure blood" status, his wealth, and his power over others loses almost all that he values, beginning in Half-Blood Prince.  He loses his wand when he is forced to yield it to Voldemort/Tom Riddle, and it is shattered in confrontation with Harry's wand when he is pursued by Riddle/Voldemort at the start of Deathly Hallows.  Much later, Dumbledore observes to Harry, "Poor Lucius.  What chance did he have with that poor stick?"  Well... what made Lucius's wand a mere "poor stick?"  Remember, it's the interplay between wizard and wand that affects the outcome... so what chance did his poor wand have with such an impoverished soul?  Was it the wand, the wizard, or both?

Elm with Dragon Heartstring – unknown length

Elm, home of the Fairies, is a predominantly feminine wood.  It wards off lightning, grounding the user in practicality and adding focus to all of his or her work.  Elm is associated with horticultural magic, so aids in the empowering of potions and poultices.  However, it can dull the senses, so the user must take steps to stay alert and think clearly to avoid confusion.  Elm is often used in shadow magic.  It can enhance love, however it is prone to distortion, disease and collapse, and the user is cautioned to temper their relationships with reason, purity of vision, and selflessness, and to guard against bitterness and jealousy.  When used with a good heart, Elm enhances the user’s endurance and stability, aiding the passage through life, and facilitating rebirth.  Elm’s elements are Earth and Air.  It is not associated with any particular calendar dates.  In Common With:  No one.

Dragon heart string builds strength and courage, and is a powerful protection against danger and fear.  It confers energy, bravery and intelligence upon the user.  Dragon Sinew encourages wisdom, particularly in the use of scarce resources.  However, the user is cautioned against miserly and misguided hoarding of treasures, and is encouraged instead to expose their gifts to the light, and use their resources to enrich the lives of those whose friendship and love are greater treasures.  In Common With:  Hermione Granger, Bellatrix LeStrange, Viktor Krum.