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Orange acrylic.  We have two of these available right now.

$20 + shipping.  KeyP2

Blue oceanic swirl acrylic toothpick key ring.

$20 + shippingKeyP3

Deep forest green acrylic toothpick key ring.

$20 + shippingKeyP4

This variegated acrylic toothpick key ring is red, white, blue and gold.

$20 + shipping


Laminations of different dyed and natural color woods make an eye-catching combination.  Match it up with the laminated pill holder key ring below.

$20 + shippingKeyP6

Deeply red Red Canary toothpick holder key ring.

$20 + shipping

Lamination of different colored woods assure you'll find your pills quickly amidst the clutter in your purse or briefcase.  

$20 + shippingKeyC2

Naturally beautiful maple pill holder key ring.

$20 + shippingKeyC3

Natural maple with burned-in accents pill holder key ring.

$20 + shippingKeyC4

You can see Carol likes to turn her pill holder key rings like her magic wands... a subtle way to bring some magic with you.  This is another in maple  with burned-in accents.

$20 + shippingKeyC5

Red Canary pill holder key ring with burned-in accents.  Red canary is a subtle reddish-brown color, with very smooth texture.  

$20 + shippingKeyC6

Tulipwood pill holder key ring.  Tulipwood has a dramatic combinatoin of reddish-pink and straw-colored grain.  This is the wood's natural color!

$20 + shippingKeyC7

An dramatic piece of Tulipwood in it's natural reddish-pink and straw color combination.  Pill holder key ring.

$20 + shipping
Toothpick Holder Key Rings
These hold toothpicks, of course, but also a tightly rolled ten dollar bill, so you are never without emergency cash!
Pill Holder Key Rings
These delux pill holder key chains hold a surprising amount of emergency or daily medicine.  They open at the bottom, so they do not work themselves loose from your keys as some pill holder key rings do, and there is a gasket at the opening that keeps pills safe and dry until you need them.  Everyone in our family wanted one - or more.

Multiple species of wood are represented in the top of this tiny keyring pen, one of which is purpleheart, which was used for the bottom.  We'll identify the rest of the woods when we send it to you.

$20 + shipping.


Orange spalted maple (the black spalting is just barely visible on the right side in this photo) and ebony make this tiny keychain pen distinctive and fun.

$20 + shipping
Mini Keyring Pens
Just 3 inches long, these pens fit comfortably in your purse or pocket along with your keys, yet assure that you'll always have a pen when you need one.  We give you extra refills, though we haven't run out of ink in our own pens yet...  We sold more of these than expected at our recent craft show, so we only have these two recent creations at the moment.

Send us an email telling us which item you want and we'll email you back confirming its availability and linking you to PayPal where you can pay with credit or debit card or your own PayPal account.