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James Potter's Wand

As with Harry's mother, Lily, what we know of James Potter's wand comes from Ollivander's first conversation with Harry.  This is all we know.  Given James' early character at school - not very attractive  - in contrast to his wand, and given the fact that Lily married him, we can assume he "grew into" his wand's overwhelmingly positive character over time.

Mahogany, unknown core, 11 inches

Mahogany is generally a feminine wood, and is one of the most spiritually focused of all woods.  It works best in non-physical magic.  Divination, spiritual growth and guidance are its primary gifts, and Mahogany is quite focused on those, making it an excellent wood for healing spells, especially emotional healing.  This wood also promotes fertility and growth and provides protection.  Although it is not useful in divination, Mahogany enhances intuition, helping the bearer to explore and clarify goals.  Quite uniquely, it strengthens bonds with blood relatives.  Mahogany’s strength and durability depend on its environment, thus it is used best by the wizard who comes from a secure, stable background, or who has the maturity to develop stability in his or her own life.  Mahogany’s elements are Spirit and Fire.  However, it has a very powerful bond with the Earth, and will channel Earth energy better than any other elemental energy.  Mahogany is not associated with specific calendar dates.  In Common With: J.K. Rowling