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J.K. Rowling's Wand

There is no doubt that J.K. Rowling is, herself, a wizard.  Only a wizard could have created such a magical work and cast such a spell over us all.  Our Esteemed Author has said that her own wand would be, uniquely in her world, two woods - mahogany and walnut - with Phoenix Feather core.  I imagine that Fawkes left one final tail feather in J.K. Rowling's in-box, a gift from both him and Dumbledore.  It is doubtful that Ollivander made Rowling's wand; he crafted wands of a single wood rather than a combination.  Gregorivitch's wands were also of single woods.  In the years following the Battle of Hogwarts, new knowledge and methods have evolved, and advanced wandmakers may craft wands of multiple woods, and sometimes multiple core components.  Rowling's wand may be of newer mint.

Mahogany and Walnut with Phoenix Feather, 10 ¼ inches

Mahogany is generally a feminine wood, and is one of the most spiritually focused of all woods.  It works best in non-physical magic.  Spiritual growth and guidance are its primary gifts, and Mahogany is quite focused on those, making it an excellent wood for healing spells, especially emotional healing.  This wood also promotes fertility and growth and provides protection.  Although it is not useful in divination, Mahogany enhances intuition, helping the bearer to explore and clarify goals.  Quite uniquely, it strengthens bonds with blood relatives.  Mahogany’s strength and durability depends on its environment, thus it is used best by the wizard who comes from a secure, stable background, or who has the maturity to develop stability in his or her own life.  Mahogany’s elements are Spirit and Fire.  However, it has a very powerful bond with the Earth, and will channel Earth energy better than any other elemental energy.  Mahogany is not associated with specific calendar dates.  In Common With: James Potter.

Walnut is the wood most associated with Elves, and like the Elvin race, is considered timeless and immortal.  It is sacred to Zeus, Jupiter and Thor.  It has healing powers and promotes a long and healthy life.  Walnut thrives wherever it grows, helping the user adapt to any situation.  It averts lightning and protects against poison, especially snake venom, broadly protecting the user from danger.  Walnut harnesses the power of the wind, and encourages the user to learn, accept new perspectives, find inspiration, and think creatively and intuitively.  It blocks interfering emotions and promotes calm, clear thinking and focus.  Walnut blends reason with intuition and emotional awareness, enhances awereness of others’ feelings and needs, and helps the user to grow spiritually and heal from within.  It encourages good judgment, helps form positive intentions, and attracts the good intentions of others.  Walnut helps to smooth the path through life's transitons, turning dreams into reality regardless of change and challenge.  It promotes self-awareness and following the path of one's greatest personal energy.  Walnut promotes caring for the Earth and responsible use of nature’s gifts.  Its elements are Air and Fire.  In Common With: Bellatrix LeStrange.

Phoenix feathers promote regeneration, rejuvenation, and rebirth, and, like the tears of the phoenix, promote rapid healing from grievous wounds.  Phoenix feathers enhance and respond to loyalty and devotion.  As with all other mystical contributions from this legendary bird, they aid the user in rebirth and recovery following adversity.  They promote resilient hope, a youthful and joyous outlook, a sense of humor and adventure, creativity in problem solving, and long life.  In Common With:  Harry Potter, Tom Riddle