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Olivewood, Maple and Bloodwood Wand with Sodalite core.  12 1/4 inches.  This wand is surprisingly light in the hand, given its components, because it is well-balanced, about an inch behind the maple centerband.  On my computer, the coloring is almost exactly correct, although the picture does not show the more dramatic figure in the handle.  Commissioned and Sold.
To buy a wand, pen, or other item listed as Available:

1. Send Wandcrafters an email identifying the item.  We will confirm its availability.
2.  If there is no price listed, propose one.  We will accept your proposed price or
    suggest another.
3.  Once those details are finalized, we will send you an email with a link to PayPal,
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To request a custom-made wand, send Wandcrafters an email with the following information:

  • Identify a wand in the Available or Sold category that appeals to you in general.
  • Suggest woods that appeal to you or whose characteristics you like.
  • Identify a semi-precious stone to which you feel connected.  (No diamonds, emeralds and the like unless you intend to supply them yourself!)
  • Let us know how you intend to use the wand.  Is it part of a Halloween costume, a comfort object, a place-keeper for reading, to be used in ritual (if so, particular rituals)?
  • Let us know what you are trying to accomplish in your life, or the issues you struggle with in general terms - health, emotional balance, communication, focus, creativity, productivity, finding your purpose?
  • We will craft a wand - or two or three - for your consideration, and send you an email with photographs and brief descriptions.  If any of the completed wands appeal to you, follow the steps above for buying a wand. 

To request a custom-made pen, send us an email identifying a pen in the Available or Sold category whose style appeals to you, and request a particular wood.  We will let you know if we can make such a pen (some woods have limited availability, some pen hardware becomes unavailable, sometimes we work with a wood that is so difficult we won't work with it again... We'll let you know, or we'll make the pen and send you a picture for your approval, then arrange the exchange as described above.