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Hermione Granger's Wand

Hermione is the most gifted young witch her age, according to several sources, including Harry, his godfather Sirius Black, and Hagrid, the trio's good friend, Keeper of Grounds and Keys, and Professor of Care of Magical Creatures.  Hermione is intelligent, logical, and resourceful, and is unfailingly loyal to her two best friends, Harry and Ron.  She also stands up for justice and fair treatment, and consistently works against prejudice, while struggling with her own sometimes-judgmental nature.  Here is her wand:

Vine with Dragon Heart String, 10 ¾  inches

Vine is sacred to the gods Osiris and Apollo, and to Dionysus, the God of nature, wine and inspiration. Dionysus was one of the few gods who could bring a person back from the dead.  Vine has a primarily feminine energy and enhances the user’s fertility.  It is associated with death and rebirth, and promotes love and joy.  Vine is connected with the life-giving essence of the Goddess, and restores lost energy.  It  enhances prosperity and freedom of spirit.  Vine users demonstrate faithfulness, constancy, loyalty and devotion.  It fosters mental powers and intelligence, and aids prophecy.  Vine encourages spiritual initiation, joy, sacred knowledge and authority. Its element is water.  Calendar dates associated with Vine are September 2 – 29.  In Common With:  No one

Dragon heart string builds strength and courage, and is a powerful protection against danger and fear.  It confers energy, bravery and intelligence upon the user.  Dragon Sinew encourages wisdom, particularly in the use of scarce resources.  However, the user is cautioned against miserly and misguided hoarding of treasures, and is encouraged instead to expose their gifts to the light, and use their resources to enrich the lives of those whose friendship and love are greater treasures.   In Common With:  Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix LeStrange, Viktor Krum