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Magic Wands are traditionally made from wood, and may or may not have a gemstone contained within or attached to them.  Each type of wood and each gemstone has a long history - over 5,000 years of history, in fact - of being associated with particular characteristics or powers. 

On the whole, gemstones are reservoirs of power.  They collect and store elemental energy, often of a particular kind, ready to be used or released in a work of healing, meditation, peace-making, triumph, and so on.  You might think of gemstones as batteries, but that would be too passive a role, because they also emanate or give off energy - the way lodestone emanates a magnetic field, for example - influencing and being influenced by the carrier and wielder.  While most gemstones influence us in positive ways, some can have negative, even poisonous effects.
Woods are usually associated with positive characteristics, such as healing, calming, aiding in focus, and so on.  They might have acquired these associations because they are botanicals, used by humankind and beast alike to reduce pain, lower a fever, cure an itch, soothe a burn and so on.  Not all woods are purely positive, just as some plants can have... let us say... chaotic effects, such as causing sleepiness or agitation, or altering our perception of reality.

Because the postive effects of wood and gemstone are not universal, and because some have mixed positive and negative effects, the user must know what they are dealing with... and must strive for self-discipline.  The wand and the user "rub off on" each other.  As Ollivander says, "The wand learns from the wizard; the wizard learns from the wand." 

While Harry Potter is a work of fiction, the author, J.K. Rowling, did her homework and wrote knowledgeably and accurately about the nature of wands and their components.  She carefully paired wizards and wands.  Read the descriptions of the traditional characteristics of each character's wand, and see if you agree that she got it right. 

Note:  While the descriptions of the wands' characteristics contained on the linked are the copyright of the webpage owner for Wandcrafters, the Harry Potter characters and everything else related to Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling, who has no association with this site or with Wandcrafters
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