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Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

The only wand we know of for Dumbledore is the Elder wand.  This could not have been his first, only, or original wand, however, since he would have had a wand during his years at Hogwarts.  In the movies, but not in the books, we see Professor Snape unroll a collection of wands, from which he chooses one to use in Occlumancy lessons with Harry.  This suggests that it may be common for wizards in Harry's world to own multiple wands at a time.  Certainly in actual practice, wizards, witches and practitioners from any perspective may have collections of beloved and varied wands.  Dumbledore must own more than one wand.  He won the Elder wand in his famous duel with Grindlewald, during which he must have had his own wand.  Since he won that duel, he would then have had his own wand as well as the Elder wand.  However, of his original wand, or at least the wand with which he won that duel, we know nothing.  The Elder Wand travels a bit during our story...

Elder with Thestral Hair - 15 inches

Elder is the oldest of the forest trees, sacred to an unnamed White Goddess.  Its bark, roots, and flowers have many therapeutic, healing properties.  Among these are the treatment of respiratory diseases and cooling of fevers.  Thus, a wand made of Elder can be expected to enhance the user’s health.  Elder trees recover from damage easily, and they confer this characteristic upon the user, fostering resilience and long life.  Connected to the Waters of Life, Elder enhances the user’s prosperity, and wards off evil and negativity.  Elder also protects against lightning and is helpful in banishment spells and in purging of evil spirits.  It helps bring about desired change, releases the user from earthly constraints, fosters imagination and strengthens the intellect.  Elder tree blossoms give off a narcotic smell, which may cause the unwary person to fall into a deep sleep from which he or she may not awaken; thus Elder is associated with death.  It improves the ability to see the unusual and the hidden.  Elder is an excellent wood for making wands as well as wind instruments.  Elder should never be burned, as doing so brings the perpetrator bad luck.  Its element is Water.  Calendar dates associated with Elder are November 25 - December 22.  In Common With:  No one, though this wand once belonged to Grindlewald and passed through several other hands during our story.

Thestrals are fictional creatures with no pre-existing history in mythological tradition.  Thus, the characteristics of Thestral hair as the core of a wand must be inferred from similar horse-like creatures in myth and legend, and from the content of the new mythology created by their originator.  Most folk tales portray horses as extending the physical abilities of their riders, thus aiding the hero on his or her journey.  Horse-like flying creatures of legend transport the rider from earthly terrain into the internal landscape of the hero’s Self, so aiding in self-discovery, insight and transformation.   Horses that allow themselves to be ridden are commonly brave and selfless, fostering loyalty and devotion in their riders.  Horses are fertility symbols, connected with life.  Yet they commonly transport the souls of the dead to their final resting places.  Stubborn yet willing, forever wild yet willing to be tamed, sensitive yet strong, horse-like creatures are contradictions.  The best partnerships are with those humans – wizard or Muggle – who are willing to treat them as equals.  These characteristics of the horse in myth and legend are likely to be found in the tail hairs of Thestrals, and to be demonstrated in the relationship between wand with Thestral hair core and the wizard who wields it.  In Common With:  No one.