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Draco Malfoy's Wand

Draco Malfoy's transformation in the Harry Potter series is implied, rather than described, much like the transformations seen in Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley.  In fact, it is possible for the less perceptive reader to miss Draco's transformations altogether... But Dumbledore sees it.  Reread that chapter about the confrontation on the Astronomy tower at the end of The Half-Blood Prince if you missed it... and then re-read Deathly Hallows, paying attention to Draco's demeanor and attitude.  Draco's transformation is foreshadowed in the characteristics of his wand, if you know where to look.

Bear in mind, too, as you read this description, that Draco's wand - and this is absolutely critical - ends up in Harry's hands.  At the end of the tale, in fact, Draco is wandless, as is his father.  Nevertheless, his wand has done its part in effecting Draco's transformation.  Remember, the wand rubs off on the wizard quite as much as the wizard rubs off on the wand.

Hawthorn with Unicorn Hair, 10 inches

One of the Fairie Triad of Oak, Ash and Thorn, Hawthorn is considered sacred to the Fairies and is associated with the owl.  It is a passionate but unlucky wood, and in the wrong hands can cause great harm.  In the hands of a skilled wielder, it aids in defensive protection, particularly against lightning or storm, and it guards against evil ghosts.  It is said to increase success in fishing.  Used over time, Hawthorn cleanses the spirit and purifies the user.  It can eliminate strife and dispel negative energy.  However, it is conflicted in love, as it enforces chastity, while at the same increasing potency and fertility.  Quite naturally, this can increase the user’s frustration or confusion.  In the hands of a mature or maturing wielder, Hawthorn can promote the growth of wisdom, patience, creativity and confidence.  When mastered, Hawthorn increases the happiness of the user.  Its element is Air.  Its calendar dates are May 13 – June 9.  In Common With:  No one.

Unicorn Hair promotes strength and virtue in the user.  Unicorn Hair fiercely guards the life of the wielder, and brings the bearer good fortune.  It aids in healing and neutralizes poisons.  Unicorn Hair functions androgynously, working equally well for male and female, and balancing masculine and feminine characteristics in the user.  A wand with Unicorn Hair core is best wielded by those who are pure of heart, and its use tends to clarify the user’s moral vision.  In Common With:  Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Cedric Diggory.

There is one other wand that Draco becomes the master of...  Remember?  Then you know where to look.