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Dip Pen C1

Walnut and Ebony Dipping Pen with tip wrapped in orange 4-strand silk which is coated in clear acrylic for protection against wear and staining.
$25 + ShippingDip Pen C2

Bloodwood & Ebony Dipping Pen.  $25 + shippingDip Pen C3

Bubinga & Ebony Dipping Pen.  $25 + ShippingDip Pen C4  

Curly Maple & Ebony Dipping Pen
$25 + ShippingDip Pen C5

Maple & Ebony Dipping Pen.  This pen has a slightly larger grip, better for a larger hand or someone who requires a larger circumference to control their writing. 
$25 + ShippingDip Pen C6

Sugar Maple & Ebony Dipping Pen.
$25 + ShippingDip Pen C8

Dramatic Bocote and Ebony dipping pen.

$25 + shippingQuill C1

This is a classical quill dipping pen, in gorgeous Kingwood and a perfectly selected Turkey Wing feather.  Very sophisticated, very American.

$30 + shippingQuill C2

For the more dramatic and fun-loving amongst us, this yellow swirl acrylic and peacock feather quill pen will be a delight to use and an inspiration to creativity.

$30 + shipping
Dipping Pens and Quills
Dipping Pens or Caligraphy Pens are used by artists, caligraphers and the person looking for a different experience in writing. 

The nib pictured with each pen comes with the pen.  You can easily substitute the nib of your choice, available at the same hobby shop or artist supply store where you can find the ink.  The nib holder, into which the nib is placed, will usually slide out with the nib itself.  This makes replacing the nib easier.  After placing the nib back into its sleeve, lightly squeeze the end that goes into the pen and slide it back in.  

Use artist ink, "drawing ink", or caligraphy ink in your pen.  Do not use fountain pen ink - those formulations are too thick for a traditional dipping pen.   Remove and clean the nib with ink remover, pen cleaner, or alcohol after each use before storing it.

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