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Caring for Your Acrylic Pen

Acrylic is a specific formulation of plastic.  It responds to extremes of heat or cold, but is impervious to moisture.  This does not mean that you can put your pen through the wash!  While the acrylic will be fine, the pen components - especially the inkfill - may be affected.  We handcraft our pens throughout the year, in the American Midwest.  We maintain a fairly even temperature and humidity in our workshops throughout the year, however if your temperature varies significantly from ours, the acrylic in your pen - or its connection to the pen's metalic components - may react to those changes. 

Although it is made from such a resiliant material, your acrylic pen should be protected from extremes in temperature.  This will prevent problems due to  differences in the way the acrylic and metal components react to changes in temperature.  The single most effective step in taking care of your pen is to bring it inside when you get to the office or home.  Do not leave your pen in the car, especially in summer or winter.  This protects the inkfill as well.

Your acrylic pen should not need much care, other than the care you would give to any fine object you carry.  If you need to clean your acrylic pen, mild soap and water such as a drop of diswashing liquid in a cup of water will be fine.  If your pen gets scratched, you can restore its original shine by working in and then wiping off some swirl remover, the kind used to remove scratches from your car, which can be found in the auto-care section of many stores.  (Ace, True Value, and Target all carry swirl remover, for example.)  You can also buff your pen with a fine wax.  We use Renaissance Wax, a special formulation of microcrystalline wax, used by the world's foremost museums to protect fine art, but beeswax or even car wax will work fine.  Just be sure to buff your pen's nooks and crannies to remove all the wax or swirl remover.

Your pen's metal parts will likely develop a patina or wear over time.  If your pen is made with 24k gold plated parts, that wear will turn the parts to a bright silver color.  If your pen's center band, nib tip, cap and clip are made with titanium, black titanium, nickle, or rhodium, it may never show signs of wear.

Your pen will most likely use either a Cross or Parker refill.  Cross refills screw into the pen mechanism, whereas Parker refills simply drop in.  Using a quality refill will make your pen write smoothly and consistently, and a joy to use.  You may find that you prefer the feel of a Parker refill over a  Cross refill or visa versa.  You can try out the feel of those brands at any office supply store.  Your preference will affect your selection of pen, as the two refills are not interchangeable.

If you take care of your pen like a  piece of fine art, it will give you years of pleasure.

If your pen requires repair, and the fault is in the workmanship, we will repair your pen free of charge.  If it requires repair due to misuse or accidental damage, we will repair it at our cost for parts plus postage.